Friday, May 22, 2015

An Interesting Learning Center at MVCC

Visiting the MVCC Learning Center helps me figure out an effective model to help students with their studying and encourage them to learn better as well. The Center offers a comfortable place for students of different majors to come and learn from each other. And  tutors are available for them, too!  Some teachers also hold their office hours there, which makes teaching and learning convenient for both teachers and students. I don’t know whether in big universities or colleges in my country have Learning Centers like this, but at the college where I work, the learning center is included in the library, and there are no tutors available there to help students with their study like this. 
I really like the Math space, the separate area for studying Math occupying about half of the area of the Center. I see that the students can get help with their hardest subject by working with tutors and teachers. 

The teachers and tutors focus on helping students to overcome the hardest subject. I think students must appreciate this a lot because they can see the concern from their teachers for them, and that also encourages them to work harder. I could feel the learning atmosphere when I was in there. The students grouped together or were face to face with the tutors to discuss and ask questions on particular subjects. The center also offers  material supporting students’ learning for them to pick up anytime they like. 
Supporting materials for students.

A thank-you note to the Learning Center from a student.
The Center also has social activities, which makes it like a family. For example, they celebrate birthday parties for people in the Center. They wish him or her a happy birthday and have fun with each other. They even have a party with a lot of food and drink at the end of each semester to celebrate their success. Teachers and students come and eat, talk and have fun. When I was at this party last week, I even had a chance to take a photo with a pretty princess there. 
The Learning Center held a party at the end of the Spring semester.

I got to take a photo with a princess at the party!

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